Areas of expertise

Our law office has an extensive experience, acquired by conducting due-diligence analyses in transactions and real estate projects, by preparing the legal documentation for urban planning, land register, as well as by drafting contracts of sale purchase, usufruct, building rights, lease, concession, services. 

Equally, we are pleased to provide you legal advice regarding the negotiation, drafting and amending of all type of contracts, namely, contracts of sale purchase, rent, loan, mandate, services, pledge and collaterals, storage, donation, leasing, joint-venture, insurance. 

Our law firm has an extensive background also in the restitution field of the real estate illegally taken over by the State, with regard to the administrative procedure, as well as the court proceedings.

We provide legal representation in complaints before the National Council for Solving Complaints and before the courts of law regarding the entire administrative procedure.

In addition, we can draw up the partnership contracts for participating in the public procurement proceedings.

We provide legal advice and representation in cases that have as object the family relationships, namely: divorce, exercising the parental authority, adoption, international children kidnapping, marriage contracts, settlement of common goods and lineage.

We provide legal advice and representation with regard to the set-up of companies and amendment of the incorporation documents (change of shareholders, branches, activities, share capital etc.), mergers and acquisitions, dissolution and liquidation. 

At the same time, we can advise you regarding the decisions of the governing bodies, drafting documents, acquiring licensees and permits for the operation of the business.

We provide legal advice and representation in insolvency procedures by counseling the creditors or the company in insolvency, inclusively in complaints against the registration on the creditors’ list, or against the creditors’ or the judicial administrator’s decisions. We can also assist you in the lawsuits of the debtor company for the recovery of debts, annulment of deceptive acts or any related claims.

We provide representation before the arbitration courts, as well as courts of common law, in claims related to the annulment of arbitration decisions or the recognition and enforcement of decisions issued by an arbitration court. 

We provide representation in relation to the employment relationships, both from the point of view of the employee and the employer, by:

Preparing the employment contracts and their registration before the competent authorities,

Drafting documents regarding the individual or collective dismissal procedure,

Claims regarding the execution, amendment and termination of the employment contracts,

Contractual or tortious liability.

We provide legal advice and representation regarding:

Granting loans, restructuring and refinancing, credit transfer between the banks, to INF and debt recovery companies,

Recovery of loans,

Claims in relation to abusive provisions, effect of hardship and adjustment of the credit contracts.

We provide fiscal consultancy regarding the current activity of the companies, including the corporate income tax, VAT, excise duties or any other legal contributions outstanding to the state budget.

Furthermore, we offer legal assistance and representation before the courts of law in claims against the decisions of fiscal taxation, tax inspections reports, decisions for precautionary measures, decisions of fiscal liability of the management bodies. 

We provide legal advice in preparing the required documents for the procurement projects, public offers, issuance of bonds and listing companies on the Bucharest Stock Market.

We provide legal assistance and representation in claims related to challenging the decisions issued in this field by the competent bodies. We offer legal advice regarding the current activity of the companies, as well as by preparing the required contracts and documents.

We can also advise you in terms of investments in the renewable energy in Romania.

We provide legal assistance and representation in claims related to the suspension of the penalty decisions issued by the Competition Council, as well as legal advice with the aim to comply with the laws in this sector.

We provide legal assistance and representation in administrative procedures, as well as before the legal courts, related to the annulment or infringement of patents, unlawful exploitation of similar signs of registered trademarks, as well as in terms of copyright and related rights. 

We offer legal advice with regard to the registration proceedings before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, along with drafting the contracts related to the exploitation of copyrights.

We provide legal advice in the proceedings for obtaining the licenses, permits and authorizations required for industrial projects, as well as during the transfer procedure of such licenses.

We hold an extensive experience in the mining, oil, gas and waste sectors.

We provide legal advice in all communication fields, as well as in aspects related to data protection, including the proceedings for notification and requirements for the companies that operate with personal data.

Furthermore, depending on the peculiarity of your business, we provide the necessary documents to comply with the law in force.

We provide legal advice in the pharmaceutical and health field with regard to the permit approval, transfer of assets in the medical sector and sale of medicine.

We equally offer legal assistance and representation in claims against the Health Ministry and National Health Insurance House.

We provide legal representation in claims related to the naval operations, including the construction, rent, sale, funding and enforcement procedure of ships, as well as complaints having as object claims of the shipped goods.

Moreover, we prepare the contracts and required documents to deploy all operations in the naval, aviation and transport sector.

We provide legal assistance and representation of natural and juridical entities during the criminal investigations and before the courts of law, related to the crimes of theft, tax fraud, money-laundering, drug smuggling, contraband, counterfeit, public and duty offences, embezzling of European funds.