Our services are based on a team of professional lawyers, that activate both in Romania and Spain, to provide complete legal advice for our clients, on an international level, and to enable access to adequate legal asistance and representation at the earliest possible date.







The lawyers are graduated from prestigious universities in Romania, are highly qualified, have remarkable capacities of achievement and a high percentage of winning of the cases.
Moreover, we hold an extensive experience in practicing local business law and we can offer guidance during the entire journey, since the incorporation of the company, until the legal supervision of the firm’s activity, together with finding the most suitable optiones to develop your business in Romania.
Our lawyers have an excellent proficiency in foreign languages, especially in Spanish, English and in French.

Andreea Balmus
+ 40 742.016.077

 Member of the Bucharest Bar Association

 University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law

LL.M, Civil Procedural Code

Languages: Romanian, Spanish, English, French

Practice Experience

Andreea Balmus is a highly qualified lawyer, interpreting and applying national legislation for over 10 years, in both dispute resolution and consultancy, specialized in higher court appearances, dominant in civil and commercial law, with focus on insolvency and restructuring, tax and administrative, property and public law, criminal law.

In civil courtroom litigation, Andreea has expertise in conducting trials and pleading before the courts on legal subjects such as corporate contracts and partnerships, guarantee and negotiable instruments, manufacture and sale of consumer goods, matters relating to building construction (planning and developmental approvals and permits), real estate transactions (transfer of real property, deeds, mortgages and lease), enforcement procedure and also public tendering.

As a criminal lawyer, Andreea specializes in defense of individuals and companies charged with organized crime in tax fraud, money laundering, illegal drug trade and drug-related crime, tobacco smuggling, malfeasance in office, document forgery and public procurement crimes.

As a consultancy lawyer, Andreea provides advice in fields as real estate, concession, photovoltaic parks, public tendering, transfer of business, energy, by attending the due diligence projects and by assisting the clients during the negotiation and signing of the contracts.

Examples of significant clients recently represented by Andreea :

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